This Week in Comics, 03.03.2010

TWIC has one thing to do this week, and that's to find the highway to the danger zone! Welcome, GeekTyrants, to the 11th Week Anniversary of This Week in Comics since we started waaay back in December. Ah, memories. I hope all of you watched Letterman to spite the return of what I no longer consider The Tonight Show (TEAM COCO!). If not, we probably can never be friends.

For those of you still patient enough to make it this far, here's the comic news!

-- The son of KISS lead singer Gene Simmons, Nick, has been rightly accused of plagiarism in his new comic Incarnate. If you examine the similarities to Tite Kubo's Bleach, you'll know why this is such a big deal. I mean the titles are both one word. It's too perfect. All kidding aside, I recently came across some plagiarized articles that are directly related to GeekTyrant. I was baffled that bloggers have become so lazy that they are directly copying an original article. It made me so mad I destroyed their World of Warcraft accounts. Don't make me come after you too! [Understanding "Incarnate" & Comic Book Plagiarism]

-- Everything that Samuel L. Jackson touches turns to platinum ("King Midas can kiss my ass!"). Think about it: Nick Fury, Snakes on a Plane, Jurassic Park, your mom. And now, the man is writing his own comic book! Wrap your head around the fact that Jackson will be writing about space...f*ckin' SPACE! It will be released through Boom! Studios, so if your local comic shop doesn't carry many Boom! Studios titles, threaten to delete their WoW accounts until they order some. It's the only way they'll learn! [Samuel L. Jackson Explores "Cold Space"]

-- I love the Flash. I think Neil Patrick Harris would make a great Flash. Sorry, but Wally West isn't going to be in a movie as anything more than Kid Flash, and I doubt they'll be enough sequels to even get that far. Until then, though, Geoff Johns (ka-ching!) and Francis Manapul will be re-booting the severely abused Flash series with Barry Allen as the fastest man alive. Hungry for some artwork? Here it is. Oh, well hello ladies! Yes, I have enough for everyone...just click the link. You girls like Rush? [DC Preview: THE FLASH #1 - Johns/Manapul Run Onto The Scene and First Look: Francis Manapul THE FLASH Art]


-- Finally, last week, I made a joke expressing my false knowledge that artist Jim Lee was only employed to draw car air-fresheners. If you've never read my article here before, 97 percent of what I say is either parody, malarkey, comedy, mockery, facetiousness and general and utter incomprehensible nonsense. To reward those that got the joke (scanning the audience, there seem to be very few of you), here are some sketches from Mr. Lee for ICONS: The DC Comics & WildStorm Art of Jim Lee. Nice title, chief. You forgot to add "Car Accessories" onto that tagline. [Jim Lee’s ICONS cover — pencils and inks]

TWIC Picks: Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #1 (THIS LINK IS COOL!), Justice League: Cry for Justice #7, Adventure Comics #8 and First Wave #1

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