WOLVERINE 2 Script is Finished, Will Start Shooting in January

Hey Gang! The script for Wolverine 2 is complete and according to THR the movie will start shooting in January of next year. 

I absolutely hated X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the movie was utterly awful and nothing good came of it. We knew all along that there was going to be a sequel, and we knew that it would follow Frank Miller's comic book that follows Wolverine to Japan. The comic was adapted by Valkyrie screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie and according to a source that has read it,

It’s a beautiful story, and will be very different than the first film.

Well, I really hope it is very different from the first film! That would be a good thing. There's no director attached to the film yet, but I hope they bring in someone with some talent, and actually has the balls to say 'no' to the studio when they make a stupid suggestion. 

As much as I disliked the first Wolverine movie I have hope that this sequel will end up being a better film. I love this Wolverine story line, and I hope they don't screw it up, this could be a great freakin' film! In the story, Wolverine goes to Japan to find Mariko and gets involved in a battle with the Japanese underworld. I suggest you read the comic book if you haven't already. Screw spoiling the movie, the comic will end up being better anyway.

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