GEEKTYRANT WEEKLY PODCAST # 66: Will Smith vs. The World

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More movie news always seems to break during the recording of the GeekTyrant Weekly Podcast, sometimes making what we're discussing seem stupid less awesome when we release the podcast the next day. But it was the news Ben P made after this week's podcast (which is awesome by the way), that actually made it onto the nightly news! After a battle of wits with Mazer and Abe Froman, Ben's journey back home put him LITERALLY in the middle of a battle of guns, during the climax of a high speed chase. You can watch Police Officers using Ben and his car as a shield... from an armed man! Shots were fired, but Ben, his passenger and his pimp ride car are safe, and the man was apprehended brought to justice. 

I'm sure if you tune into next week's Podcast Ben will give us his eyewitness account. In the meantime, enjoy the just as dangerous events of this week's GT Weekly.

Here's the breakdown of awesomeness:

Movie News:

00:01:25 - Waking Sleeping Beauty

00:03:30 - Raise in 3D prices

Game Review:

00:09:01 - Shadow Complex

Trade News:

00:16:15 - Jolie in Maleficent?

00:28:45 - Confirmation: Chris Evans as Captain America

00:36:20 - Will Smith - MIB 3 or City That Sailed?

00:41:35 - Y: The Last Man and Louis Leterrier

Trailer Review:

00:50:27 - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Trailer

01:02:35 - Closing


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