New UK Red-Band Trailer for [REC] 2

How about a little bloody red-band zombie trailer with your morning coffee? IGN just released a great new UK trailer for the film [REC]2. I absolutely loved the first [REC] movie, it was just such a great little zombie horror flick, this sequel looks like it going to be just as good as the first film. From the look of it there are a lot of critics that say the movie is good.

This is a foreign film franchise but it was revealed over at CHUD recently that the film was picked up by Magnolia Pictures for distribution and they are planning a limited theatrical release in the states, which is great! At least there's a chance we'll get to see this thing on the big screen.

[REC] 2 picks up immediately after the events of the original, where a camera crew becomes trapped inside an apartment building with a serious infestation problem. 

Hope you enjoy the new red-band trailer below! Tell us what ya think about it!


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