Warner Bros. Locks Down Actors for HANGOVER 2

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are extremely excited to get started on the sequel to the surprise hit comedy of 2009 The Hangover. Now the studio has finally locked down the film's three main actors. Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms are all now officially on board to star in the sequel.

Believe it or not, the studio has been in negotiations with the three actors for the past six months trying to work things out. You may be surprised to learn that none of the three main actors made more than $300,000 for the first movie. No one expected the film to be the hit that it was so they didn’t sign any of the actors up for any future Hangover films. Now if the studio wants a sequel they’re gonna have to pay the big bucks.

According to Deadline Hollywood each of the actors will make around $5 million bucks each against 4% of first dollar gross. The director and producer of the film Todd Phillips will make around $10 million dollars against 10%. For the first film Phillips gave up his upfront fee for the movie in exchange for more than 15% of the films overall revenue, so that he could make The Hangover for $34 million with a somewhat unknown cast. The film ended up making $467 million dollars and Phillips has made over $50 freakin million dollars so his little sacrifice really paid off in the end.

So the deal is done, the boys are officially back for the sequel, and it will most likely start shooting in October. Warner Bros. is looking to release The Hangover 2 Memorial Day weekend 2011.