LOOK WHO’S TALKING About a Remake and the E*Trade Babies are getting a Big Screen Adaptation

Movieby Joey Paur


Ugg. Why, oh why must people insist on remaking films, especially crappy ones like Look Who’s Talking. It bottles my mind to think that some studio is actually going to throw away millions upon millions of dollars on the remake of a talking baby movie. If I want to watch talking babies I’ll hit up the E*Trade commercials. But apparently 20th Century Fox is turning those E*Trade babies into a movie as well!

Neal Moritz in the man behind this supremely bad idea for a film. He was also the mastermind of the Prom Night remake that sucked, and the I Am Legend remake, which should have been much better. The original Look Who's Talking film made around $300 million and spawned two sequels, now this guy wants to remake the damn thing. Do we really need another craptastic Look Who's Talking film? I never really cared for the Look Who’s Talking films, I guess it worked for a specific audience… in the 80’s!

As for the E*Trade babies, they work as commercials, but not as a feature film. I’m sorry, no mater what kind of story they try to come up with this film is  gonna end up being a piece of crap. Remember when ABC tried to make the car insurance Cave Men into a TV show? Yeah, that worked out great!

The movie is being written Actress and writer Katie Dippold (Parks and Recreation, MADtv), and the film is described as a mission movie, about a group of talking babies trying to make their way across the playground.

Palm slap to the face! Come on Hollywood! The last thing we need are talking baby movies, especially a remake of a talking baby movie! I’m sorry, talking babies are not cute, they’re scary as hell. If you want to make a movie about talking babies, then make it a horror film, I’d watch that. 

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