This Week in Comics, 03.31.2010

Comic BookRant by Alan Trehern
BANG! CRACK! BWOK! ZOING!!! **wipes brow** Welcome to another installment of This Week in Comics. It has been a tough week for me, considering I wrote my first non-TWIC article for GeekTyrant entitled This Week in Reviews. I shudder to think what the original creators of This Week in Comics would say if they catch me ripping off their title! Oh wait...**looks around**...close call.

So congratulations to me, and congratulations to you if you're man (or woman) enough to have read it already. If not, then may Darkseid have mercy on your soul [TWIR: Nemesis #1].

Onto the comic news!

-- Famous editor and inker Dick Giordano passed away on Saturday, leaving behind an era of comic art and creative works that will never succumb to the test of time. He served as Executive Editor during the 1980s when Crisis on Infinite Earths and Watchmen went through the pipeline, and reinvented Batman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow in the 1970s. Friend Neal Adams had this to say:
"Inking my work was the LEAST significant thing that Dick did for-meant to me. I loved Dick like a brother and a friend. He cared for and loved me. I was made better by him. For a time, we were partners, on a handshake. NO ONE didn't like
Dick Giordano and respect him. Who can say that? Look at that face. JUST,...look
at it." [Dick Giordano Passes Away at 77 ]
-- Wrestlemania XXVI happened this weekend, brother, and although I'm a mighty TNA fan over the WWE, I dig the idea of making everyone's favorite wrestlers into Earth-saving comic form. Does the Undertaker have what it takes to defeat the "King of Shadows"? I don't know, he's 18-0 at Wrestlemania, and was previously known as the "Lord of Darkness"... Maybe it'll just turn out to be Vince McMahon. [Keith Champagne enters the squared circle with 'WWE Heroes']

-- There is nothing I would read less than a Zatanna series. I'm sorry. Even as a member of the JLA she is f*cking useless. Vixen is more exciting than Zatanna, and she's a carbon copy of Animal Man. Despite my anti-magical tendencies, if you don't enjoy good comics, than maybe you could check out the Zatanna title. Here's what you need to know about her: she casts spells...and they're just orders said if you shut her up you shut her out. The fishnet stockings are a great touch, buuuut not enough to warrant an OK from Trehern. [ZATANNA #1 unveiled]

-- I like the idea of The Spirit. It hearkens back to the golden age of pulp comics and radio detective dramas. With that being said, although the movie bombed, we can still enjoy the 2D exploits of Central City detective Denny Colt in his new on-going series. And as a bonus, the back-up stories feature The Spirit. That's like This Week in Comics being following by This Week in Features with just more comic news! For even FURTHER exploits of The Spirit, make sure to check out First Wave #1, on shelves NOW! [A first look at THE SPIRIT: BLACK AND WHITE co-feature]

Thanks again for reading, GeekTyrants! Say a prayer for the Giordano family, and keep checking out his great work. This Week in Comics will be back next week with a whole new slew of comic news. Until then, get yourself a free Black Lantern ring and chew somebody's face off.

TWIC Picks: Blackest Night #8 (durh.), X-Men: Second Coming #1
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