HBO's ROME is Moving Forward to the Big Screen

MovieHBOby Joey Paur

We've been hearing about HBO's Rome being developed into a feature film since the show ended in 2007. The movie has always meant to be a continuation of the story. The last we heard about the project was from actor Kevin McKidd, who played Lucius Vorenus in the series. He said, at the time, that a script was being shopped around, and that it's supposedly very good. 

EW got a recent update on the film that really doesn't reveal much more than what we already knew. They say that Rome creator Bruno Heller has finished the script for Morning Light productions, who will finance and produce the film. Morning Light is currently looking for a director and a studio to distribute the movie. HBO won't be involved with the movie. 

So what will Rome the movie be about? The story picks up in Germany four years after the series ended. Kevin McKidd (Lucius Vorenus) and Ray Stevenson (Titus Pullo) will most likely reprise their roles in the film, even though they appeared to die at the end of the series. McKidd said in a interview that he's definitely going to be a part of it when it happens. And despite what happened in the show his McKidd revealed that his character is alive. 

So there ya have it! All the show needs is a studio and a director.

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