LOST Actor Michael Emerson's Strange 1992 Prison Instructional Video

Actors gotta get started somewhere. In the case of Michael Emerson who plays Benjamin Linus on the hit TV seres LOST, one of his early roles included a 1992 prison instructional video.

For all you actors out there that think your career will never go anywhere because all you can get are these odd little acting jobs, don't give up because you never know where where the road your on will take you. 

This video was dugg up by the folks over at Warming Glow, in it Emerson plays a nice guy named Mr. Andrews who trys to calm a prison inmate down. He still ends up being creepy. At the end of the video when he turns to one of the women counsellors I totally expected him to say, "I want you to bring me the man from Tallahassee."

Check out the video below and tell us what ya think!

Then there's always the What Puppy classic:

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