EYES IN THE DARK Poster, Synopsis And Trailer


Director Bjorn Anderson's indie horror flick Eyes In The Dark has that first-person POV (point of view) and is most definately inspired from Blair Witch and Cloverfield, just watch the trailer below to see for yourself! Check out the creepy red eyes staring back at you!

 This cool horror film comes to us from Emeral City Pictures and stars Wayne Bastrup, Melissa Goad, John Symonds, Maureen Francisco, Telisa Steen, Melinda Ausserer, Jason Robison, Paul Eenhoorn, Ernie Joseph, Mike Ash, Christine Umayam, Charlie Sims and Marco Scaringi as "The Beast".


Seven college kids take a trip to a mountain lodge looking for relaxation, beer, and a dip in the hot tub. When they find a cave and stumble on clues about an ancient legend, unsettling signs start to appear and the lodge caretaker is acting strangely. They may have crossed a frightening force and quickly find themselves fighting for their lives.



Visit the Eyes In The Dark Official site here.

Source: Undead Backbrain

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