Join GeekTyrant's First Live Blog OSCAR Party!

Oscarsby Free Reyes

Last year the GeekTyrant crew did a live podcast event for our readers which was pretty crazy fun, but there were a good amount of technical difficulties, and it was hard for people to join the party. We received a lot hate mail and death threats because of that.

This year we're gonna switch things up and try something a little different. We're going to host a live blog event for the 2010 Oscars where we can all hang out and have some good times thanks to the wonderful world wide web where we will discuss the Oscars... everything from the good , the bad and the ugly. We'll discuss the winners and the losers, and get into some great heated arguments. Or we can just talk about whatever the hell we want, as long as were all having a good time!

So here are the deatils:

We will launch the live blog Oscar event around 5:00pm Pacific Coast Time, Right Here at this very web address, where you will be able to hangout with the geektyrant crew live for a good time.

You can join us in the embedded live-blog box below, which is powered by CoverItLive. Hope to see you right here tomorrow night! Thanks everyone!