Keanu Reeves Not Joking about a BILL & TED Sequel

Last night MTV stopped Keanu Reeves on the Red Carpet and asked him about a new sequel to the Bill & Ted movies that launched his career. His response to the question was this,

I'm trying, I'm trying.

He's actually trying to get a sequel to Bill and Ted off the ground!? How freakin' cool would that be! Reeves and Alex Winter back together again in an all new grown up adventure. Is he joking?

I'm not. We'll see.

Wow! I seriously never thought I'd see that day where we actually might see another Bill & Ted flick. If they made one I'd definitely watch it. I loved those movies growing up and it would be so cool to see where they would like to take the characters. At the same time was he just messing with everyone!? Watch the video below, because I really can't tell if he's serious or not.


So would you be interested in seeing a new sequel to Bill & Ted? Where would the story go?

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