Ryan Reynolds Talks about his...um, Snug GREEN LANTERN Costume

Last night at the Oscars Ryan Reynolds talked about his Green Lantern costume. There aren't any crazy details revealed but he does make you wonder just how snug and fit his Green Lantern costume is going to be. It can't be any more snug than Superman's costume! Right? 

Here is how the conversation went down between Reynolds and Ryan Seacrest:

[Ryan Reynolds'] trainer Bobby was telling me that you're really really working hard in New Orleans.

Everyday he turns me into a fine cottage cheese, curd-like pudding. That is for Green Lantern. But it's worth it. The movie is going to be fantastic, so I'm really happy with it.

What was it like when you put on the costume for the first time?

Um, it ah snug. The costume is snug. It doesn't leave a lot, uh, it doesn't really camouflage too much. So it's going to be interesting.

Some people are probably interested in that.

Yes maybe. I think that once I stop blushing, which will be about month three of production, it should all be equalized.

So, it sounds like it's an uncomfortable costume to wear, one that really doesn't hide the details. What is Green Lantern's costume going to look like? Did the put him in spandex? I wear a wetsuit when I going surfing during the winter and it a snug fit, but it also does a good job at hiding the details. 

I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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