The TRON LEGACY Trailer Has Been Unleashed in all its Glory!

Are you ready to get some goosebumbs? Because this new Tron Legacy trailer is pretty freakin incredible, and you don't have to watch it in 3D to know that this movie is going to be utterly awesome! I did see the trailer on the big screen in 3D when I went and saw Alice, and I can't tell you how overly excited I was while watching this trailer unfold in front of me. It looks better than I could have imagined. I'm 100% convinced that Tron Legacy is going to deliver the goods on all levels. 

The trailer was released through a viral site, Program-glitch-esc, that was recently unlocked and low behold the trailer became available! I love this trailer, I love the look, and I love the tone of Tron Legacy and I seriously can't wait to see the full film! Director Joseph Kosinski has done an amazing job bringing this world back to life.

When you watch this trailer, watch it in HD with the sound turned up because the Daft Punk music that plays along with it is so damn cool! I've watched this trailer about 20 times already and it doesn't get old!

Thanks to our friends at Firstshowing for the amazing find!

Click on the Image below to watch the trailer in HD!

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