Jackman read the WOLVERINE 2 Script and Schreiber wants Sabretooth in it

We reported last week that the script for Wolverine 2 was completed. Now we have word that Hugh Jackman has read the script, and Liev Schreiber would like to play Sabretooth in the sequel. I never expected to see Sabretooth in the film because he isn't in the comicbook storyline. The news was revealed at a Repo Man press confrence today in which Liev Schreiber said the following,

I just had dinner with [Hugh Jackman] last night and Hugh read the first draft of the script and I was really excited about it. It's still not clear whether or not Victor will be present in the Japan storyline. In the Japan storyline as I remember it from the Wolverine comics, Victor wasn't there. So I don't know, of course I've got my fingers crossed because I love the character so much, to have the chance to do it again would be a lot of fun, but I'm not sure.

How about, no. Let's not write in a character that's not suppose to be in the story and muck it up. Fox already pissed off a bunch of fanboys and fangirls with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, no need to ruin another one by adding in characters that don't belong.

Here's how I imagine their conversation went at dinner:

Hugh: So, I just read the script for Wolverine 2.

Leiv: Oh yeah? How was it?

Hugh: I thought it was great, I'm so excited for this sequel! It's gonna be so much better than the last film we made, what a piece of shit, but I'm really excited about this one. Such a great story.

Leiv: Yeah, me too it should be fun to get to play Sabretooth again.

Hugh: (confused) Huh?

Leiv: Yeah! I've really been looking forward to this sequel, Wolverine in Japan is such a cool story, and I've got some great ideas for Sabretooth. It will be great to work with you again.

Hugh: Yeah, umm...

Leiv: Do you think I could get a copy of the script so I can check it out?!

Hugh: (Cough's and surveys the room for the nearest exit) Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom, I'll be right back. (never to return)

Now read the statement again made by Schreiber above. Makes a lot more sense now doesn't it?

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