So What's Going on with the CAPTAIN AMERICA Casting Madness? Is Krasinski out of the Running Now?

The internet is ablaze with talk of John Krasinski being out of the running for Captain America. There is so much information blowing around the internet about it right now about the casting of this film, who knows what's true and what's false.

We reported earlier today that sources from Marvel say that John Krasinski is Marvels number one choice and that we should expect him to be cast. Now Deadline Hollywood says that he's no longer one of the contenders, and adds that actor Chris Evans is now up for the role. They also says that Marvel's top choices to play Cap are Mike Vogel (Cloverfield) and Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy), and that it won't work out for the other actors who tested, including Chace Crawford (CW's Gossip Girl), John Krasinski (NBC's The Office), Scott Porter (NBC's Friday Night Lights), Michael Cassidy (CW's Privileged) and Patrick Flueger (Brothers).

So what's the deal? Someone is obviously being fed the wrong information. I contacted a friend of mine who knows a little about what is going on with all of this and he/she said that as far as they know regarding Krasinski, Marvel is still looking at him as a strong possibility. He/she wouldn't give me any more information than that. They never give me much info because their job is on the line, so I rarely go to them for information. They gave no comment on Chris Evans or anyone else up for the part. I guess we'll eventually find out sooner or later who's right and who's wrong. As for Chris Evans being up for the role, I could see that, and I don't think Hedlund would be a bad choice either. 

What do you all think?

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