THE AVENGERS May End up Getting an Awesome Director!

It looks like all of my theories on who would end up directing Marvel's The Avengers are all wrong. I didn't think they would go outside of who has already been brought in to bring our favorite Marvel characters to life. It looks like the director of The Avengers won't be Jon Favreau, Louise Leterrier, Kenneth Branagh, or Joe Johnston. But, I have a feeling you're going to love who it actually may end up being.

What if I told you that The Avengers might end up being directed by none other than... Joss Whedon? Because that is exactly what IESB is reporting, and they make a point to say that this is NOT an April Fool's day joke. This is the real deal. The news comes from a very reliable source of theirs that has come through for them in the past. 

As you know Whedon was involved with the development of the Wonder Woman movie over at the WB and DC at one point, and he also has a history with Marvel and wrote the Astonishing X-Men series which ended up being very successful. He's currently working on Cabin in the Woods, which he wrote and produced, and stars Chris Hemsworth who is playing Thor in Marvel's film.

I would love for Whedon to end up directing The Avengers! I think he would do a great job putting this ultimate Marvel film together. 

What are your thoughts on Whedon possibly directing Marvels THE AVENGERS?

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