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Welcome to GeekTyrant Weekly #68, in which our heroes yearn for a Clash of the Titans we didn't get to see, review the new Steve Carell/Tina Fey comedy Date Night, heap more deserved praise upon How to Train Your Dragon, dub Tyler Perry "the black Woody Allen," and listen to Abe Froman do a terrifying Miley Cyrus/Gomer Pyle mashup impression

Dr. Venkman, Bob Neek, Mazer, Abe Froman, P Vader, and Ben P. dive back into comic book movie news, discussing Ryan Reynolds' CG suit in the upcoming Green Lantern flick and expressing hope that the Spider-Man reboot casting rumors don't get as bad as the ones for Captain America. Also, the guys talk about the announcement of Conan O'Brien returning to television on TBS in November and what being on cable means for the potential of his new show.

Box Office Top 5

Clash of the Titans That Might Have Been - 00:01:50

Date Night - 00:07:05

How to Train Your Dragon - 00:14:08

Why Did I Get Married, Too? - 00:14:33

The Last Song - 00:16:35

Comic Book Movie News

Green Lantern's CG suit - 00:17:27

Spider-Man Casting Rumors - 00:26:09

TV News

Conan O'Brien Moves to TBS - 00:32:35

Coming Soon

Kick-Ass - 00:43:06

Death at a Funeral - 00:43:20

Closing: 00:44:05


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