Another Name Thrown into the SPIDER-MAN Casting Pot

As previously reported HitFix is 100% sure that Logan Lerman is the next Spider-Man, then there’s Deadline who is 100% certain of their source who say’s that Lerman isn’t. Only time will tell who is actually really 100% right. Until that day, how about we throw another name into the the Marc Webb directed Spider-Man reboot casting pot.

IESB is reporting that a young actor by the name of Josh Hutcherson is up for the role as well. They aren't saying he’s 100% cast, they’re just saying he’s on a short list of actors. You might remember Hutcherson from a little Jon Favreau directed film called Zathura, he also was in Journey to the Center of the Earth, a recent Sundance Film Festival movie called The Kids are All Right, and he will appear in the upcoming remake of Red Dawn.

The 17 year old actor is definitely the right age that Sony Pictures is looking for in their new Peter Parker, and he’s got a cool geeky look about him. He definitely looks like he could play the part, and he’s a decent actor as well. I think he could work. In fact, I think he would be a better choice over Lerman.

Like I said he’s only on a short list of candidates. He’s not actually cast in the role, and neither is Logan Lerman. Who knows, maybe Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds will come out of no where and end up playing Peter Parker in the end. The movie is scheduled to come out in 2012, so the filmmakers gotta get started on this thing. We'll find out sooner or later. 

What do you think about Josh Hutcherson taking on the role of Peter Parker?

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