New Alternate Universe WWII Novel pits English Warlocks against Nazi X-Men

by Joey Paur

Now this sounds like an awesome story! Ian Tregilli’s has written a book called Bitter Seeds that comes out today April 13th. And it sounds like something you might want to check out.

The story is a detailed and thoroughly researched account of an alternate history of World War 2. The twist in the story is that a mad German scientist has discovered a way to endow a group of German sociopaths that were raised as WWI orphans, with X-Men-like powers that have made the Wehrmacht unstoppable.  In response to this, Great Britain creates a secret division composed of a small number of British warlocks; men who use speech in a mystical Ur-language, accompanied by blood sacrifice, to call up vast, brutal elemental forces. These forces, the Eidolons, despise humanity and tremble in barely restrained rage at the stain we spread on the universe, but they can be bargained with, blood traded for elemental magick.

This sound like such a great story and I’m definitely going to go out and buy myself a copy. I imagine we’ll get word sooner or later that the book will be adapted into a film. I sounds like it would definitely make for a great movie! But, I can't wait to read the book.

Here is the official description from the book:

It’s 1939. The Nazis have supermen, the British have demons, and one perfectly normal man gets caught in between

Raybould Marsh is a British secret agent in the early days of the Second World War, haunted by something strange he saw on a mission during the Spanish Civil War: a German woman with wires going into her head who looked at him as if she knew him.

When the Nazis start running missions with people who have unnatural abilities—a woman who can turn invisible, a man who can walk through walls, and the woman Marsh saw in Spain who can use her knowledge of the future to twist the present—Marsh is the man who has to face them. He rallies the secret warlocks of Britain to hold the impending invasion at bay. But magic always exacts a price. Eventually, the sacrifice necessary to defeat the enemy will be as terrible as outright loss would be.

Alan Furst meets Alan Moore in the opening of an epic of supernatural alternate history, the tale of a twentieth century like ours and also profoundly different.

So what do you think of this story?

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