Hayley Atwell Cast as Peggy Carter CAPTAIN AMERICA

Well, it looks like Marvel’s search for the female lead in Captain America is over. After Emily Blunt turned down Marvel’s offer to take the role, and Alice Eve was thought to be Marvels next choice, the role goes to Hayley Atwell.

Atwell will play the British love interest of Steve Rogers/Captain America, Peggy Carter. She joins the already cast Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan as Bucky and Hugo Weaving is still in negotiations to play the villainous Red Skull in the Joe Johnston directed film.

Carter is the girlfriend of Steve Rogers, and a freedom fighter with the French Resistance who fights next to Captain America during World War II. She later became the aunt of Sharon Carter, Captain America’s love in modern times. Yeah, I know, that’s weird.

I don’t know that much about this Atwell actress, but she is mostly known among the UK acting circles for her work in period movies such as Brideshead RevisitedCassandra's Dream, and The Duchess. She’s also appeared in AMC’s recent series The Prisoner and will be seen in the upcoming epic miniseries The Pillars of the Earth. I don’t really remember her in any of these projects, but she’s cast as a lead female role in a pretty big movie, so if you don’t know her now then you will.

It should be interesting to see who is cast in the film next. There’s a bunch of characters from The Invaders group that still needs to be cast. That should end up being interesting.

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