Jamie Foxx to Star and Produce a new Animated Film called WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE

For the first time in his career Jamie Foxx will lend his voice talents to an animated film character with Fox Animation called Welcome to the Jungle. Both Fox and Foxx are currently working on developing the new animated feature which is based off of a original pitch from Foxx and writer Malcolm Spellman. There are no details as to what this movie is about other than a shot little tag line… "Life is a jungle and welcome to it." The animated film will be a musical because not only is Foxx starring and producing the film, but he’s writing original music for it as well.

There no doubt Foxx is a talented guy. He’s been involved with some really good films and he’s been involved with some crappy films, but nothing beats what he accomplished on In Living Color. He doesn’t do a lot of comedy these day’s which is unfortunate because he was a really funny guy. These days I kind of get annoyed when he is cast in yet another drama, trying to win another Academy Award. With this animated film, it's nice to see he's expanding his horizon. Maybe we’ll see some of his comedy roots leak out in this new animated feature he’s developing.

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