Stay After The IRON MAN 2 Credits! Surprise!

Ok so this isn't really a new gimmick to me anymore, I have gotten to where I sit to the end of most all credits now becasue we have a few surprises sometimes that some people never get to see.

This comes from our friends at Cinema Blend that Thor and Captain America both will show up after the credits of Iron Man 2! Nick fury will be there too I'm sure as I'm the one who surprised alot of my friends after Iron Man. Wow! If they have suited up Chris Evans this quick for a cameo is mind-blowing to me! Plus the Thor timeline doesn't seem to meet the same as Iron Man and the teaming up of The Avengers. Right now i'm sure that there will be a after dredits scene but just don't know who really will be in it besides Samuel L. Jackson and his Nick Fury alter ego of course!

Head on over to Cinema Blend and read the rest of this really cool Iron Man 2 story!

What do ya'll  think? How will the Avengers part of the storylines play out?

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