David Fincher’s The Social Network to be first Film PROJECTED in 4K

Director David Fincher is about to make history with his next film The Social Network based on the guys who created Facebook. This will be the first film ever to actually be projected in 4K in theaters after being shot with the Red Camera in 4K, which is Red Cameras standard.

Our pals over at /Film got an inside tip from a guy that attended the RED Camera convention in Vegas this week, and it is there that he learned of Fincher’s feat.

While there, they screened some never before seen footage of Fincher’s The Social Network and Soderberg’s Knockout (which all looked spectacular).  Recently AMC, Regal and a few other theatres purchased something like 12,000 digital 4K projectors which will be in theatres this year.  After showing the footage, RED announced that The Social Network will be the first feature film to be shot in 4K resolution and PROJECTED in 4K resolution. I thought you might dig this since it’s some cool tech stuff as well as film news. By the way, we saw some 4K projection there…it’s pretty phenomenal.  Can’t wait for the theatres to have this.

Now many of you might not know that there are two different types of digital projectors in movie theaters these days, the 2K and the 4K. Our admin master Root Mazer has explained this to me several times, but basically it all comes down to resolution, 4K is much better having an incredibly high revolution of 4096×2160.

Now there have been movies shot in 4K, District 9 being one of them, but they are presented to us in 2K in the movie theaters. In fact all movies shot on the RED Camera are shot in 4K. But The Social Network will not be pulled back to 2K it will be shown in all its 4K resolution glory. That’s actually more exciting to me than watching a film in 3D.

Here a little chart that shows you the resolution size differences. 

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