IRON MAN 2 and TRON LEGACY Viral Videos: Stark Industries Leaked Footage and Space Paranoids Trailer

Here's a quick little update on a couple of viral videos for two highly anticipated films, Iron Man 2 and Tron Legacy.

First up a new video popped up on YouTube which is made to look like a bootleg clip from a Stark Industries technology presentation. It doesn't really look like any thing is revealed, just a fun little video that avoids having to include any kind of special effects.

Then there is this great little trailer for an online video game developed by ENCOM Kevin Flynn's company in Tron. The video game is for Space Paranoids Online. This is one of the classic games from the first film Tron. ENCOM announced at Wondercon that they would be releasing this classic Flynn arcade game online so expect it soon. It looks pretty freakin cool. 

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