Kirsten Dunst and Kiefer Sutherland Join Lars Von Triers Film MELANCHOLIA

Wow! I gotta say, I wasn't expecting to see Kirsten Dunst in a Jon Von Triers (Antichrist) movie. Her career has been going no where lately. Spider-Man 4 was supposed to be her next big film, but after that fell through I wasn't sure when we would see her get a decent role in a film. This is definitely a solid project, one that could help her career get back on track. 

Lars is known for be a mean ass director to his actresses. Apparently he tests them by putting them through hell to get the reaction he is looking for. Do ya think that will be good for Dunst? Probably. Will she be able to take the heat? I guess we'll see. 

Keifer Sutherland has also been cast in Melancholia along side Charlotte Gainsbourg (Antichrist), Charlotte Rampling (The Duchess), Alexander Skarsgaard (True Blood), Stellan Skarsgaard (Angel & Demons) and Udo Kier (Halloween) are all attached to other roles in the film.

Penelope Cruz was actually attached to the role that Kisten Dunst now hold, but she left the project for Pirates of the Caribbean 4. 

There aren't many details about the film yet, all we know is that it's been described as a psychological disaster movie. The film also involves a planets orbit that is in some way tied to Earth. I imagine when that happens the shit will hit the fan, and panic will engulf the world. One thing's for sure it won't have a happy ending. Triers doesn't do happy endings. 

The film has an extremely interesting cast and a director that will work the hell out of them, in cazy and insane ways. Some people must like the torture because Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgaard, Udo Kier are all returning to work with him again. Maybe he's not as bad as other people say's he is. 

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