Geek Art: Re-imagined Posters for Classic Stephen King Films and A Nightmare on Elm Street

Hey Gang! I got a nice little collection of geek art to share with you today. We have four re-imagined poster designs from four classic Stephen King films, Carrie, Cujo, The Shining, and Thinner. As well as a new poster design for the classic horror film A Nightmare On Elm Street. These are all pretty cool, and I think you'll enjoy them. Check 'em out Below!

Here a little note from the artist Laz Marquez:

Stephen King is a creator that I particularly have a fond spot in my heart for, as I've followed his work in film, television, literature and comic-books for years. He's always been a source of inspiration in terms of mood and atmosphere, therefore being a natural next step in this series. I wanted to make sure to stay true to his roots and make these posters a bit more geared to the stylings of "Book-Jacket" designs, giving them a grounding that was honest to the source material. Overall, I'm extremely happy and thank everyone for helping yet again to decide which of these designs came to be. You voted, you got them and you sure as heck challenged me in the best ways imaginable! Take a closer look at the finished work, below:

In honor of the upcoming release for the Remake of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (The original being one of my all time favorite horror films), I created this poster print artwork. For the release, I'm holding a little event with my close friends and had to create an invitation. After doing that, I realized that I may as well use the illustration in a one-off design. 

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