Movie Trailer for Every Movie Trailer

HumorVideosby Eli Reyes

Hey (affectionate term for group of friends), here's a great video that perfectly encompasses just about every Oscar-bait type movie that has been released in the last couple of decades or so. But instead of using dialogue, they deliver lines using descriptions of typical story arcs and revealing plot points that are often used in trailers. Even the titles and background noises are delivered or used in the same way!

The video was made by BriTANicK, who have released some pretty funny viral vids that are definitely worth a watch, but this video is by far their funniest, smartest and most polished effort to date. And it has become their most viewed I believe as well.

In the spirit of the video, I have this this blog comment/reply template I created that captures every blog comment/reply out there:

"Screw you (insert racist term), you don't know (insert word for fecal matter)! Maybe if you weren't such a (insert homophobic term), you'd have half a brain to realize (insert title of  a fantasy Movie) doesn't even compare to (insert completely unrelated 80's Movie). Man, if they knew they were making (insert movie being remade), then (insert name of Director who is still very much alive) would be rolling in his GRAVE!!! People are such (insert misspelled version of idiots. e.g idoits, ideots, diotis).

Sincerely, (insert anonymous name that is offensive to any and everybody)"

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