THE MUPPETS cover Ben E. King's STAND BY ME (Not Safe for Whole Family)

Ben E. King's classic tune "Stand By Me" has been covered by legendary artists like John Lennon, U2 and Otis Redding since first being released in 1961. Even Muhammad Ali recorded a spoken word version of the song, and Stephen King recorded a version with Warren Zevon! But nothing cements a song's status until it is recorded by the legendary, warm and fuzzy, hand up-the-behind inanimate object... yes, I'm talking about The Muppets.

It's been almost half a year since everyone went apes#*t over The Muppets' version of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," with the video racking up over a million hits in its first day, and 13.6 million over the last 5 months. Lightning hasn't quite struck twice for The Muppet Studios covers since its release. Beaker has been doing all the heavy lifting, with the videos -- "Ringing The Bells," "Ode To Joy," "Beaker's Ballad"-- with him front and center being the only videos to get over 1 million views. Though I should point out, a re-upload of "Ode To Joy" has gotten over 9 million views... so there is still some love out there.

This new vid is a little morbid, and may give the youngsters some nightmares. But if they've seen Pinocchio or are well versed in the Old Testament than they should be fine. At exactly the six-second in this has me laughing uncontrollably!

Check out the vid and let us know what you think!

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