LOST Star Daniel Dae Kim cast in DEATHGAMES

Deathgames! It’s such a great movie title! It’s like one of those movies that you would hear in a Sienfeld episode, like Prognosis Negative, Chunnel, Firestorm, Death Blow or Check Mate.

Lost star Daniel Dae Kim has been cast in his fist post-series movie gig, and he will join up with Samuel L. Jackson and Kellan Lutz who were previous cast in the action thriller.

The story centers on a young man (Lutz) who is kidnapped by a sadistic mastermind (Jackson) and forced into a modern gladiator arena, where men fight to the death for the entertainment of the online masses.

Kim is playing a fellow prisoner, an artist who happens to be a master of kendo (samurai-style sword fighting), a skill that comes in handy when he competes for his life and his wife's.

The film sounds a lot like Deathrace, only without the crazy death cars. The movie seems like it will be a fun B movie popcorn flick. Deathgames will be Jonah Loop’s directorial debut. Before this film, he was working as a visual effects supervisor on films such as Collateral and A perfect Getaway.

"Deathgames! Coming to a theater near you!" You gotta say it out loud in a hardcore movie trailer voice.

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