SAW Director to Develop New Horror Film NINETY

Movieby Joey Paur

The director of three Saw films Darren Bousman is attached to direct a new horror film called Ninety, which was written by Scott Milam. Serial killer fanatics are gonna love this thing. The new film he wants to make follows a psychotic killer hoping to set a record by committing 90 murders. That my friends is a lot of murders. Will this movie will be nothing but killing one person after another for two hours? 

Bousman most recently filmed the horror film remake of Mother’s Day, the original of which was incredibly disturbing. Not sure how far he ended up taking the remake. 

The movie is going to be filmed in New Mexico this summer, and it will be shot in 2D and then stupidly converted to 3D. They are actually planning to convert the film to 3D, why in the hell don’t they just shoot it in 3D? Silly studios, still trying to cheat audiences out of the real deal. That’s unfortunate. 

So what do ya think of Bousman’s new film project?

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