This Week in Comics, 04.20.2010
Get pumped this week GeekTyrants, cause do we have a TWIC for you! I've managed to achieve something that I never thought possible! Not one snippet of DC Comics news. Not one paragraph. Unless you count the banner... Are you counting the banner? Damn.

Other than that, the news is video game, Marvel comics and barbarian related. Are you ready for it? Ladies have your numbers ready...

-- One of my favorites franchise crossovers is when the Marvel characters join forces/bash heads with the Street Fighter gang. I once saw the Hulk and E Honda arm wrestle and everyone in a 10-foot radius died! Ken is a vulgar son-of-a-bitch and has been filed for sexual harassment more times than Street Fighter II sequels (NOTE: That's ALOT.). Now if I can only get Rogue and Cammie White to make-out my multiversal travel to this trippy place will be complete. [FIRST LOOK: Marvel vs. Capcom 3]

-- I missed another one of those damned comic book conventions again. When am I ever going to attend my own TWIC panel?? Ugghhh. In Chicago, where the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo was held last weekend, comics were discussed and fanboys touched Geoff John's supple arm muscles. He charges $5 for a hardy tug and $10 for an elongated grip and a stare down. But enough about the Johns; if you're looking for more detailed news on panels held at C2E2, check out the Comic Book Resources site. Who says I'm not doing my job? Oh, management? I'm gonna be taking a long lunch... [CBR Covers C2E2 Like A Boss]

-- Dante's Inferno was a really sweet animated movie. Now picture that film's ultra-violent scenes and place Wolverine in the place of Dante... You're gonna need a helmet, cause I just blew your MIND! Not my joke, but it's still funny. [C2E2: Aaron Sends "Wolverine" to Hell]

-- Conan the Barbarian veers from some of the literary mythos created by Robert E. Howard. But you know who originally brought E. How's work to the comic book world? Of course you don't, that's why I'm here! His name is Roy Thomas, and he brought Conan to Marvel Comics in 1970. That was when comics were really cool, because they made a comic for everything. I mean just think of something and they probably had a comic for it... Okay, well I'm thinking of some pretty horrific stuff, so maybe I should think over my previous recommendation. [C2E2: Roy Thomas Reunites with Conan]

Well, that's all the important news in the comic book world this week. As usual, leave your comments, suggestions, insults and complaints in the response section. My question to you this week is, of all the superheroes, who would you make your sidekick? You going to make it easy and pick Superman, or are you gonna go with something creative? SPOILER: Trehern loves the creativity.

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