Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones Back for MEN IN BLACK 3

I thought for sure Will Smith would be back for Men In Black 3, but I didn't think Tommy Lee Jones would, I figured he had better things to do. According to Men In Black director Barry Sonnenfeld "Men in Black 3D is ready to roll," and that Will Smith has officially signed on, and Tommy Lee Jones is in as well. Oh, and of course Men in Black 3 is going to be in 3D, does that surprise you?

It's starting to look like this film is being put on the fast track into production. There was a point recently where Smith was at a crossroads where he had to chose between two movie, Men in Black 3 and The City That Sailed. It looks like he made his choice. Of course MIB III is going to be the bigger money maker of the two films. It's got a built in audience, some of which are really looking forward to a new MIB film.

As we previously reported on the film Sasha Baron Cohen and Jemaine Clement are up for a role in the film as well. I figured it is for the role of some kind of alien much like Johnny Knoxville's character in MIB II. The could been good aliens or bad aliens, but they both have that goofy look that works for an alien character. There is also a rumor regarding what the films story will be. That it will have a time travel aspect to it that will allow Agent J to travel back in time where he will interact with a younger Agent K, possibly played by Josh Brolin.

What do you think about Men in Black 3D?

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