Dwayne Johnson replaces Clive Owen in PROTECTION

Dawyne Johnson formally known as The Rock back in his awesome wrestling days is now attached to star in a action-thriller called Protection. He’s replacing Clive Owen in the lead role who dropped out of the project, and this is not Disney movie. I’m surprised that the last couple of films Johnson has joined have not been silly Disney movies. I think it’s great that Johnson is getting back into make good violent action films.

This film project has already gone through a few different hands. At one point Simon West was attached to direct the film with Paul Walker over at Warner Bros. Good thing that didn’t happen. It’s also being reported that the current director for the project Patrick Alessandrin (District 13: Ultimatum) is no longer the current director. See how fast things change in Hollywood?

The script was written by Brandon Noonan, and is described as Man on Ffire mixed with Taken. The story follows a disgraced former Special Forces soldier who takes on a Mexican cartel in an attempt to rescue and protect a judge's 21 year-old daughter, who has been targeted by the cartel for agreeing to testify against one of its members after she witnesses her father's murder.

Johnson is currently filming George Tillman Jr.'s Faster, and will next be seen in Adam McKay's action comedy The Other Guys opposite Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg and Samuel L. Jackson.

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