Is Kristen Stewart Replacing Jolie In WANTED?

E! News today is reporting that Kristen Stewart maybe replacing Angelina Jolie as the female lead in the Wanted sequel along side James McAvoy. These isn't too much to go on right now exceot Stewart's character would be a young ass-kicking assassin in the Fraternity. Well these are just speculations but we reported a few weeks ago that Jolie was out. No official word from Stewarts camp or from director Timur Bekmambetov.

Bekmambetov did tell MTV a while back that he wanted to bring Jolie's character back in some form even though she died in Wanted. She doesn't have the time and is asking for too much money to some back for this movie, maybe for a cameo or flashback scene? i don't know!

Personally I don't think Stewart has the strong presence for this type of role so I think the movie should just stand alone as a one-timer with no sequels, if the projects starts off jaded like this there is not alot of hope for them making a good film or even a successful film!

What do ya'll think? Want more Wanted?


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