Jack Nicholson Offered Role in Old Man Hangover Type Movie LAST VEGAS

MovieCastingby Joey Paur


There’s another Vegas movie being developed over at CBS Films, which is described as Grumpy Old MenMeets The Hangover type story. And according to Vulture the studio made an offer to Jack Nicholson to star in the film called Last Vegas. 

We previously reported that the comedy was written by Dan Fogelman, off of a pitch that CBS films acquired for $1 million bucks. The story follows a group four semi-retired baby boomers who head to Las Vegas when the last of the Coney Island buddies, a successful lawyer in his 60s, decides to tie the knot. Billy is the lifelong unmarried playboy of the group. I assume the old playboy is being played by Nicholson. Here is the introduction of the Billy character in the script that Vulture nabbed. Definitely sounds like Nicholson.

These eyes have a spark in them. They belong to BILLY GERSON (70’s), every bit the mischievous imp he was as a young boy, a stark contrast to the others.


Billy speaks into a MIC, roasting someone, mid-story ...

... and you remember what I said, Ronnie? I said: “Ronnie, I know you’re down in the dumps. But as a fellow bachelor, let me assure you - you’ll bounce back. Because you may not be very smart, and you may not be very rich, but Pal: you sure are fucking ugly.”

LAUGHTER. We PAN to RONNIE who sits in ...

A COFFIN. Dead. Oh, Billy is giving a eulogy. 

There are no other reports of cast members, but what do you think about a movie about four old guys livin' the dream in Vegas?

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