Black Widow Spin-Off Movie is “Definitely Possible”

There was a big Iron Man 2 press event today in LA, and there was a good amount of information that was unleashed. We had one of our writers there to cover the event, and I’m sure he got a lot of cool information. But I just wanted to share this little bit of info real quick that I received.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was asked if there would be a Black Widow spin-off film, and he responded with,

Definitely possible, Yes, absolutely.

Of course it’s possible! Anything is possible, but to follow up with “yes absolutely?” Well that seems pretty confident. Unless you switch his words around a bit and maybe what he really meant to say was “Yes absolutely definitely possible," which takes back to just regular old possible.

I imagine If the character Black Widow gets a positive response from fans after they see Iron Man 2, then there is a very strong chance that Black Widow will get her own spin-off movie, which would be awesome because she's such a great and fun character to play with. She got a very interesting and eventful life. Scarlett Johanssson also looks pretty fantastic in the role.

What do you think about Black Widow getting her own spin-off movie?

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