Chris Evans Talks About His Responsibility Playing CAPTAIN AMERICA

Chris Evans recently spoke to Screenstar about playing The First Avenger: Captain America. He talked about his sleepless nights befire accepting the iconic role, and about how scared and humbled he was having the opportunity playing Captain America/Steve Rogers, he went on to say;

The script is great and it's going to be a fun character to play.  He's a wonderful character, just as a man, aside from the comic hero background.  If it was just a story about the man, Steve Rogers, I'd be really interested.  He's an incredibly noble, honest, selfless man, and those are qualities that I think people can aspire to and look up to.

Evans has had a few hits and misses but one stand-out to me was Sunshine, if you haven't seen it go rent it or even buy it, it's a great movie and has a strong cast and he stands out! I also enjoyed his protrayal of Johnny Storm/The Human Torch and it seems now that 2010 is the possibly the year of Chris Evans, with The Losers and the upcoming Scott Pilgim Vs. The World it seems he is right on track, and this role of Captain America might just cement his career this go around!

He went on to say;

This is obviously going to be a very time-consuming ordeal, not just with Captain America, but with The Avengers.  They'll shoot back to back.

And then he concludes with this talking about his career and what he hopes this does;

Well, if I do this, hopefully it will enable me to make whayever I'd like to make in the future.

The guy is really modest and down to earth and I think he's just the fit for this role now! He and the fans are in for a treat when these movies hit us down the road and I'm looking forward to them! Marvel is really taking it's time and a lot of care making these movies so they can keep going on with them and their stories!

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