BATMAN Live Stage Show is being developed by Warner Bros. And DC Comics

A Batman stage show!? Does the world really need a Batman live stage show? I love Batman, I also occasionally like to go to the theater and see a live stage play every now and then, but a live Batman stage play is just a little weird don’t ya think? The only reason I would go see something like this is to see how they actually plan on pulling it off, because I just don’t see how they can do it without it being totally cheesy.

Warner Bros. and DC Comics are currently in the early stages of development of the Batman live stage tour which is tentatively titled Batman Live. The show is not a musical, and it’s not Broadway bound play, it’s described as an elaborate arena production targeted towards kids and families.

My mind goes back to the days when I would go to Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park where we would take a break to rest and watch the Live Batman stunt show, which was absolutely horrific. I was always embarrassed for those poor performers up on stage. I just can’t help but think that this production will be on the same level of cheesiness, but on a much bigger scale.

There is no word when the stage play will star touring but it’s been speculated that it will come out soon after Christopher Nolan’s thirst Batman film in 2012, or before it sometime in 2011.

I guess you don't have to be bought out be Disney to movie your characters and franchises in the silliness territory. 

What are your thoughts on this Batman live stage play?

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