Writer of The Thing Prequel will Write FINAL DESINATION 5

Not long ago we reported that New Line Cinema was going to proceed with making a fifth Final Destination film even though the last Final Destination film they made was marketed as their last. They are moving forward with their plans, and have hired Eric Heisserer to write Final Destination 5. Heisserer most recently wrote the prequel to The Thing which is currently in production, and the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

The Final Destination horror franchise focuses on the idea that people can’t cheat death. If these characters can’t be taken out in one big tragedy, then death gets very creative and starts coming up with some pretty interesting ways to take it’s victims out.

The studio is hoping to break out of the repetition that was set by the first four films, and they think that the new writer they hired can help them do that. There are no story details surrounding the fifth film, but you can but your ass, no matter what the studio wants,  it will follow the exact same formula as the first four films. It is reported that one scene will involve a character undergoing laser-eye surgery.

I have to admit, these Final Destination movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. I know the films suck, but I enjoy watching the inventive and elaborate ways the characters get killed off. I’m not that excited for a new Final Destination film, in fact I think it's ridiculous they are making a fifth film. But, since they’re making it, I might as well see it.

What are your thoughts on a fifth Fianl Destination film? 

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