Geek of the Week: Artist Sets out to Create a Poster for Every LOST Episode

PosterTVLostby Joey Paur

Holy Crap! Gideon Slife sure has committed himself to a pretty incredible art project. He has embarked on a journey to create a poster for every LOST episode from every season leading up to the finale. That my friends is a dedicated fan, an incredible feat, and a hardcore geek. 

As it stands right now he is about half way through the fourth season and has created 78 posters so far. It also looks like he's not rushing through it either, he puts thought and care into each poster. I've provided a few of his posters below for you to check out.

Thanks to GT reader Newt for the heads up on this! Make sure to check out the rest of the 78 Lost posters over on flickr.


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