This PREDATORS Image Reveals A Tired And Frightened Stare

Nimrod Antal's  Predators attacks theaters on July 9th which means there are going to be more and more pics, interviews and trailers headed our way. Today MTV got ahold of this image of Adrien Brody who play Royce, an x- U.S. military soldier, Alice Braga who plays Isabelle, a Brazilian black ops sniper and Walter Goggins who plays Stans, a death row inmate. It looks like they are tired and frightened and staring something, someone or a group of somethings in this pic. The somethings being Predators!

So who's up for this new Predators movie?  This one is getting back to square one, it's going to look alot like the first one but of course with all the added FX, different planet and more gore and action oh yeah and fear!

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