A Movie in the works for The Magic 8 Ball

Movieby Billy Fisher

I know, I can't believe it either.  If I didn't know any better I would say that this is the beginning of the end for us all.  For those of you who don't know, the magic 8ball is a child's toy that is said to be able to help you answer questions.  It is just a fun little toy that is good for wasting time.  You ask the ball a yes or no question, shake it up and look in the little window on the bottom to see what the 21 sided die has to say to you.  You will receive a yes, no, or I don't know answer.  Silly right?  For those of you who truly believe in the psychic abilities of the 8ball, then this movie seems right down your ally.  For the rest of us, here you go.

Vulture reported today that Paramount has gone rummaging through Universal Pictures garbage from 2006 and found and dusted off the awesomeness known as Magic 8ball: The Motion Picture.  It is reported to end up being a Live-Action, National Treasure type of film.  I am not completely sure how they are going to do this, but I wish them the best.  The writing team of Jon Gunn and John Mann have been given the task of penning this film.  Personally I would rather have Mike Tyson punch me in the junk 37 times then have to write this script.  I guess that's why they didn't ask me.

If this movie turns out to be a hit, I will be monumentally impressed with the whole team that brought it to us.  As of right now this film idea has been placed in my "Don't see unless there is a gun to your head!" file, along with Spice World and Gigli.  

Well folks, we here at GeekTyrant are dedicated to bring you movie news no matter what.  So I am sure this is not the last you will hear about this film.  Until next time, let me know what you think.

McMurphy Out! 

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