Crazy Casting News: Sam Rockwell Is Batman, Josh Hamilton Is Superman And Leslie Bibb Is Wonder Woman?

Yes this is true but it's not what you think! Sam Rockwell is indeed cast as The Batman, Josh Hamilton will be Superman and Leslie Bibb will play Wonder Woman but not in a big-screen blockbuster! They have been cast in a short film called Robin's Big Speed Date which is a folllow up to James Duffy's 2007's Robin's Big Date.

These shorts are nothing but good light-hearted fun here people, nothing blockbuster, just big laughs! I can say Sam Rockwell is one funny guy and watching him paired up with Justin Long in the first short it's just hilarious! These comedy shorts are just the beginning of an as-yet-untitled anthology with an extremely talented line-up of stars and segment directors including Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman to Peter Farrelly and Bob Oedenkirk

Watch Robin's Big Date now and tell us what ya'll think!

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