This Week in Comics, 04.28.2010

Welcome back, Tyrant brothers, to the 198th installment of This Week in Comics. We're proud of our long and illustrious history, and we try to keep history alive by re-cutting and re-using the same jokes we've produced since day one. took pity on my poor reading and writing skills and transformed the Trehern that was into the Trehern you know and love today. To celebrate that transformation, I've compiled some newsworthy articles, as I do EVERY week, and brought them to the forefront. If there's something you don't like here, talk to the hand...

-- Bill Nye the Science Guy and Albert Einstein are pea-brained chimps compared to the guy that wrote the article on how Tony Stark and his Iron Man armor and technology work. And now even you, the audience, can rattle off the tech talk and future computer speak prevalent in this massively in-depth Marvel piece. Hey ladies, my irradiation-induced modification has become unstable on only your refined neutron transport calculations can soothe me... [Marvel Science: Iron Man's User Interface (UI)]

-- I let you know a couple of weeks ago about the new series back-up involving Ray Palmer/The Atom. Well, now the author has come out to speak about his torrid love affair with the beloved DC Comics character. Palmer's ex-wife and brutal murderer, Jean Loring, had this to say:

"Ray and Jeff are so happy together that it makes me wonder how life would have been if I hadn't been a complete slut and cheated on Ray and then killed his best friend's wife to spend time with him. All I know is Ray won't get the same white-knuckle fear of death that he had with me."

You heard it here first, folks...women be crazy. [Jeff Lemire talks THE ATOM]

-- One of my favorite shows on television right now is Cartoon Network's The Brave and the Bold. It's action-packed, artistically beautiful and it makes the girls' underwear go flying! Since the show is doing so well, DC Comics and Warner Bros. has decided to produce another DC-inspired show called Young Justice. Despite previous reports by complete morons, these new shows DO NOT take place in the Timm-verse/Dini-verse/DC Animated Universe (DCAU). That universe is reserved only for the greatest cartoons of the last century...and Kevin Conroy. [BREAKING NEWS FROM CARTOON NETWORK, WARNER BROS. ANIMATION AND DC ENTERTAINMENT]

-- An author that I never thought I'd like has become an author I really like. James Robinson, personal friend and colleauge, is interviewed by Newsarama **dismissive wank**, where he talks about the Justice League, the Justice Society, the JLI and your mom. Actually, your mom only talks about J. Rob, but she's never getting a callback. [JAMES ROBINSON: JLA, JSA, Generation Lost & Starman]

As usual, keep me updated on your exploits outside of our time here at TWIC. The big question of the week is: what's your favorite 1950s B-movie? Ready? Go.

TWIC Picks: Green Lantern Corps #47 (if you're not a mary)

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