Want to see what Comic-Con will be like in the year 2061?

Humorby Joey Paur

If you think Comic-Caon is crazy these days, just wait till you see what San Diego Comic-Con will look like in the year 2061. It’s insane, but awesome!

Dave DeVries and John VanFleet have created an incredible website inviting us all to San Diego Comic-Con 91. By then the125,000 fans that currently attend Comic-Con will multiply to more than a million.

Oh yeah! And if you can’t tell from the picture above, Comic-Con will be underwater.

Here are some hilarious highlights from San Diego Comic-Con 91 website:


  • Theme: Appropriately, this year’s theme is the 30th anniversary of the great collapse, an event which galvanized San Diego’s commitment to Comic-Con. Thirty years ago, the world watched in horror as Greenland’s melting ice sheet broke off into the ocean pushing worldwide sea levels up 21 feet. Over a two week period, federal engineers responded by equipping the convention hall with cutting edge tech that keeps the hall watertight to this day.
  • Lodging: Hotel chains will be providing cruise ships that dock directly above the con and offer jump sub ferries to Hall A dock ports. Besides reservation assistance, Destination Travel also provides care packages stocked with emergency breathers and portable floatation devices---all you have to do is bring your Batman costume!
  • Attendees will be able to get a sneak peek at the hotly anticipated sequel Spiderman 17 "from director Guillermo del Toro (who remotely directed the entire movie from his hospital bed.) Newcomer Crispin Glover III dons the red and blue tights and joins a big cast including Dakota Fanning as Aunt May and Freddie Highmore as Uncle Ben. The trailer will be in the new holo-punch format so fans can expect a few bruises in Hall H this year."
  • And who would want to miss the 8th remake of Karate Kid, starring Jet Li as the ancient master Mr.Miyagi: "This kick fest is set in feudal Japan and features the comedic ad-libs of android Jack Black as "Robo," a wise crackin' time travelling robot from the mid 20th century. The Black estate has sent his grandchildren along to promote this film and will regale the crowd with stories of his pre-Doom Island antics and untimely death at 97."
  • Finally, what Comic-Con would be complete without a visit from the immortal— literally immortal—Stan Lee, who due to various bionic implants, will become "the oldest hardest working 148-year-old man in comics, nay the planet."


Start making your plans now because chances are it’s going to sell out fast. Check out the San Diego Comic-Con 2061 website and let us know what you think!

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