Schwarzenegger's COMMANDO is Being Remade

Movie Fox by Joey Paur

20th Century Fox has decided to move forward with plans to make a unnecessary remake of the 1985 classic Arnold Schwarzenegger action film Commando, because for some reason they can't come up with an original action film concept. The studio has hired David Ayer to write and direct the remake of the film that put helped launch Schwarzenegger's superstar career. 

Ayer is a pretty talented guy that might be able to make a decent remake of Commando. He's a former soldier who served in the Navy, and he ended up writing the incredible Denzel Washington film Training Day, and then went on to direct Harsh Times and Street Kings.

According to Deadline "He will put his own real-world spin on this original premise: a retired elite special forces operative sees his daughter kidnapped and is told she’ll die unless he gets on a plane and kills the rival of a nasty exiled dictator. In the original, Schwarzenegger jumped off the plane before takeoff, and killed everyone involved in the kidnap plot, in a real beefcake turn that followed TerminatorAyer’s protagonist will be less brawny, but more skilled in covert tactics and weaponry. Hopefully the new version will hang onto some of the fun spirit of the original."

Hollywood proves time and time again that they lack any kind of imagination. It's always been hard for me to get behind movie remakes, especially with movies that I like, and I really enjoyed the original Commando! Sure it's cheesy now, but it's a fun action packed movie of badassery! I'm sure the remake will be entertaining, and there's a possibility that it could actually be a good quality film, but it definitely won't have the same feel and effect as the original. 

What are your thoughts on Commando getting the remake treatment?

Here's the trailer for the original film that will no doubt make you want to watch it again.

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