Sharlto Copley Talks about District 9 Sequel

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the sequel to last years sci-fi hit District 9, which is currently being branded as District 10. We know the sequel will eventually happen, but as to what the story will involve and when it will be made… who knows? I’ll tell ya who knows, the star of the movie Sharlto Copley who recently talked to Empire about the highly anticipated sequel. Here’s where the film currently stands...

Neil wants it and I want it. Neil's doing another film first. Then I think if everything goes according to plan we'll do the second film in about two years time. That story can go in so many different ways. There¹s a whole universe. I'm sure a lot of writers say that, but we actually have an entire universe.

So in two years we can start expecting to see a sequel made. There’s no point at this time to even speculate that it will come any sooner. Copley then goes on to discuss where the story has been and where it will go.

This thing started shooting in 2005, and before we shot the film we shot Alive In Joburg and two other shorts as part of Neil's creative development process. Those next two films actually had my character, Wikus, in them, although I wasn't called Wikus in them. So they were two parts of the development of the world and where the story was going to go and all that.

There's a million ways you can go. Neil's actually very interested in prequels as well; he's said that a few times. We wouldn't do the traditional Hollywood version of the sequel which would just be 100 aliens fighting humans.

District 9 is such a great sci-fi film, and I have faith in these guys that they will be able to bring us a fresh new sequel or prequel to the District 9 universe that they've created. Niel BlomKamp is not your typical Hollywood director, he wants to do the opposite of what Hollywood wants, which is a good thing.

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