James Cameron Talks NASA into Filming Mars in 3D

Seriously... this is the kind of power that James Cameron Wields. This guy actually talked NASA into filming the surface of the planet Mars in 3D. 

It was revealed recently that NASA is upgrading from 2D to 3D rover planet missions. Cameron lobbied for NASA to include a high-resolution color 3D video camera in the planned 2011 launch of the next Mars rover named Curiosity

The Pasadena Star News reports that the Avatar director worked really hard to get a 3D camera on the rover for the mission, he even went directly to NASA administrator Charles Bolden in a one-on-one meeting, to sell him on the idea. He convinced Bolden that “a rover with a better set of eyes would help the public connect with the mission.” Bolden obviously bought the pitch.

The camera will sit on top of the rover’s mast and record 10-frames per second. Of course, Cameron is now officially listed as a “co-investigator” for the Curiosity camera team. Making a $2.3 billion dollar movie just isn't enough for this guy. Here is what cameron had to say.

It’s a very ambitious mission. It’s a very exciting mission. (The scientists are) going to answer a lot of really important questions about the previous and potential future habitability of Mars.

So what do you think about Cameron talking the folks at NASA into going 3D like the rest of Hollywood?

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