If you thought we weren't going to see anymore National Treasure movies with Nic Cage then you were wrong, because is was revealed at Wonder-Con that the writers of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro, are teaming back up with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Jon Turteltaub to write a script for National Treasure 3.

I knew it would eventually happen, the first two films made a butt load of money, and the second movie ended with the President and Cage's character talking about looking into something from the Book of Secrets, leaving it open for a third film. They don't reveal what it is, but being the sci-fi guy that I am, I can't help but think they dive into the Roswell incident, Area 51, and the history of UFO cover ups in the country. I could be way off though.

It hasn't been confirmed yet, but I assume that Nicolas Cage, Justin Bartha, Diane Kruger and Jon Voight will all be back for the third film. 

What are your thoughts on the fact that we will eventually see a third National Treasure movie, and where do you think they might take the story?

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